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“Senioritis” Be Gone!

Rebecca Sabourin

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It’s that time of year again. It’s the 4th term blues that most teachers and students dread. This time seems to hit the seniors the hardest.

This time means the disease that goes by the name of “senioritis” is in full effect. This usually takes place anywhere from the time students get back from Winter break until the time where they graduate in June.

The symptoms of the dreaded “senioritis” include: short-term memory loss when it comes to project due dates, lack of motivation, excessive levels of stress, restlessness during class, college daydreams, carelessness, lateness, absences, and more.

Some Oconomowoc High School seniors are infected with this disease due to the sluggish appearance and motivation visible in the hallways.

Many students by now, have heard the lengthy talk from teachers regarding senioritis, but it may be easier hearing this from a fellow senior.

I, too, feel the wrath of teachers on a day-by-day basis about their thoughts of senioritis. Many teachers may think this disease is “unbelieveable” or “fake” but let me assure you, it definitely is not.

As the end of April is running up on us, I feel the stress more than ever. I thought I was a goner with all of the due dates and random pointless projects, until I learned some tips from all over the internet.

While battling what seems like death, senioritis, I think it is wise to remember the following in order to stay semi-sane:


  1. Grades still matter.
  2. Colleges can reconsider their admission decisions.
  3. You’re a college student in training!
  4. Set goals for yourself.
  5. You have less than 30 school days until graduation- but who’s counting?
  6. Take it one day at a time.
  7. Have reasonable amounts of fun!


As for the underclassmen, prevention methods can help battle senioritis before it begins! Remember to plan things in advance so you know what to expect. Do not forget the symptoms so you can prevent it earlier.

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Be Responsible, Be Respectful, Be Extraordinary
“Senioritis” Be Gone!