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Reforming Pride Period

Mitchell Grinyer, Writer

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Many students complain about lack of freedom during Pride Period.  And with Senior Plan hanging in the balance, there is a solution to both.  By molding or adding Pride Period into an opportunity for seniors to continue the tradition of senior plan, they will have off at a convenient time before lunch.  This will also fix many of the issues that currently plague Pride Period.


Rather than choosing a term, seniors would have a max number of days per year that they could take Pride off, providing additional flexibility.  This would also prove flexible for teachers, who will not be hindered in their ability to request students.   

This will also increase Pride Period’s fundamental role as an hour for individual pace-based learning, as there will be fewer disinterested students in Pride sessions.  Too often, it has become cluttered and lacks clear focus.  Most of the time, it does not lead to a closer relationship between student and teacher, which was part of the rationale for its development.  This was never going to be realistic by simply adding another hour that students are mandated to attend.  Clubs are valuable to Pride Period, but do little to offset the crowded classrooms.


As the population of OHS continues to increase, the current faults will only be exacerbated.  OHS could take advantage of the incoming additional campus space to implement additional creative Pride offerings.  


Pride Period is not a fundamentally flawed program, but it leaves room for improvement.  It should be restructured, ensuring that interested and engaged students, particularly underclassmen, are the first in line for support.  This will create less crowded classrooms and closer bonds between students and teachers.  Melding it into a hybrid of sorts with senior plan will encourage this.

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Be Responsible, Be Respectful, Be Extraordinary
Reforming Pride Period