Be Responsible, Be Respectful, Be Extraordinary

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Combating Senioritis

Mitchell Grinyer

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Senioritis is a term used to describe what many high school seniors experience at about this time every year.  While the lack of motivation may be inevitable, the consequences are preventable.  


While cliche, the most important thing is to do what you enjoy.  This process starts before 12th grade when signing up for classes.  Take courses in areas that you’re interested in; this will ensure you’re occupied with something to look forward to.  Alternatively, if all core classes are finished, enroll in areas that peak your interest but never got around to, especially if you’re clueless of a career path.


Most commonly, students inflicted with senioritis will not find themselves prepared for college.  More severely, schools may redact admission offers.  While this is rare, it’s worth moving forward with the mentality that it is entirely possible.


The first thing to get done before this even comes into question are college applications, if you choose to go that route.  Finishing them by Thanksgiving or sooner will ensure that you have time to focus on current school-related work, because yes, you’re still in high school.  And yes, colleges will look at your final transcript.    


Many students choose to take college courses alongside high school classes as a way to stay motivated.  WCTC is a common route for students interested in technical areas as well as engineering or business.


For some, focus can be difficult no matter what year of school it is.  “I’ve had senioritis since freshman year,” remarked senior Andrew Sitter.


Being organized goes a long way towards staying focused and remaining on task; once you learn how to appropriately categorize materials, many woes will quickly go away.   You’ll immediately have incentive to stay on track.  It’s easy to lose sight during your senior year, but it’s also easy to recover.  If you’ve gotten accepted to your dream school already, then keep doing what got you there.

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Be Responsible, Be Respectful, Be Extraordinary
Combating Senioritis