Be Responsible, Be Respectful, Be Extraordinary

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Agree To Succeed

Grace Saxe

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Are you wondering things like, when do I have to turn in my senior pictures by? Or how do I even start applying for college..?  That’s what a fellow student at your school wonders too. If you are a girl that is struggling with questions like these, you’re not alone! And Oconomowoc High School has the perfect place for you. Agree to Succeed, is a program that goes through Oconomowoc High School to help many young women overcome their struggles.


Every Wednesday in the career center at OHS, the leaders of Agree to Succeed come with a warm welcome, and some tasty snacks for everyone! At this gathering the ladies at OHS can ask any question or share anything they’d like, whether it’s a personal question or one for all. These questions will be considered without judgment and you will have no need to worry. The program also promotes school attendance, and grade improvement.
Lisa, a young girl in the 4th grade was nervous to pursue her reading skills, and adding to the trouble, she was continuously late.  Thankfully, Agree to Succeed came to help. They worked together with Lisa and her family to come up with a plan fit just for her.  Lisa now has confidence in her reading, and you can see her tardy numbers dropping.  Join your friends at Agree to Succeed next Wednesday in the business center to start your path to success.

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Be Responsible, Be Respectful, Be Extraordinary
Agree To Succeed