Be Responsible, Be Respectful, Be Extraordinary

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Week 2:Rho Kappa

Alexis Craft

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This weeks club of the week is Rho Kappa.

“My opinion on Rho Kappa is that it is a great fit for our community and school! Our teachers care about social studies greatly, and our students reflect it,” said Christian Gurule.

Rho Kappa is a newer club at Oconomowoc High School. The club started last year (2015-2016). The honor society is a part of the National Council of Social Studies, which is how it got the name Rho Kappa.

“I saw it (Rho Kappa) and I thought it would be a good thing to have at Oconomowoc,” said Nick  Schueller.

Last year Rho Kappa, had only 15 members, which is a huge difference to this year’s 60 total members which makes difference between last year and this year 45 people. Nick Schueller and Dave Schweder are the faculty in charge of Rho Kappa.

To become a part of Rho Kappa, you have to fill out the application, which includes writing a paper on the topic that Schueller, and Schweder choose.

In order to be approved into Rho Kappa you have to have 4 credits of social studies, 3.75 gpa in social studies classes, 3.5 gpa overall, have taken a AP/IB social studies credit and you need a teacher endorsement.

“We also have our induction ceremony, which is non-formal. We do a cookout right outside my classroom. It’s a lot of fun.” Schueller explained.

After the induction ceremony, Rho Kappa is going to begin planning a service event for the spring. The plan for the spring service event so far is to have it focus on benefitting veterans.

Congratulations Rho Kappa!!

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Be Responsible, Be Respectful, Be Extraordinary
Week 2:Rho Kappa