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New Opportunities for OASD Students

Eli Loppnow

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54.9 million dollar referendum approved by the Oconomowoc school district, will be brought to a vote on November 8th, 2016.

Changes include a new building for Meadow View Elementary School, new heating, ventilation and mechanical systems, and roof repairs for all other elementary schools.

Oconomowoc High School will receive a 2 million dollar renovation, geared toward the Technical Education classrooms, focusing on new Automotive, Manufacturing and Construction trade classrooms. The former Wilkinson building will be using 9.25 million dollars of the budget to create classroom spaces for 300 additional students, as well as new Oconomowoc School District administrative offices.

Oconomowoc High School has been without Automotive classes for a number of years, and the addition to the school’s classes will be very beneficial to students attending Oconomowoc. The current plans for the referendum do not include the exact specifics on what all of the money will be spent on after it has been allocated toward specific portions of the project, but hopefully will be decided on shortly after the vote.

Mark Jappinen, the current teacher of PLTW courses at the Oconomowoc High School, stated, “I would like to know how large the rooms will look like before the referendum is voted on, how many lifts will be in the automotive shops, and how will the classrooms be set up, and what the new rooms will look like.” Jappinen also said, “I would like to see what the budget includes for furnishing the new classrooms, new desks, new technology and lab equipment for the students.”

According to the Johann Ludwig Schneller School, it costs an estimated $4,500 to furnish a modern day classroom, including new desks, paint, whiteboards, and other various supplies required. New vehicle lifts, designed for maintenance work can cost the same price, and even more.

Students at Oconomowoc High School would like to be more informed about what the referendum entails for an average school day.

“I would really like to know how transportation will work when going from the Oconomowoc High School campus, to the former Wilkinson building. If we are to walk back and forth, what will the winter be like?” said Nathan Early, an Oconomowoc High School senior.

“I would like to know what kind of new classes will be available to take after the referendum is okayed. New classes focusing on chemical engineering, or industrial engineering would allow students to become more prepared for college and explore deeper into their interests.” stated Charlie McCarthy, an Oconomowoc Junior.

“I also want to know where I will be able to park a vehicle. If my last class of the day is at the Wilkinson building, will I be able to leave my vehicle over there? Why isn’t the High Schools HVAC systems being renovated or replaced. The temperatures throughout the high school are erratic. One classroom can be hot and humid, and your next class can make you freeze!” said Nathan Early.

At an average cost of $25 per household, this is a fantastic opportunity for our students, in the Oconomowoc Area School District.

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Be Responsible, Be Respectful, Be Extraordinary
New Opportunities for OASD Students