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Wigs For Kids Is The Next Great Charity

Ryan Wolter

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Have you ever had a loved one that has had to receive chemotherapy? If so, they probably lost their hair. Now imagine what it would be like to be a child, going through that exact situation. It doesn’t seem super fun, does it? There actually is a way to help them get through it. There is a charity called Wigs For Kids, that accepts donations of hair longer than 12 inches, and they use it to make a wig for children.


In America, different kinds of charities have appeared in many different forms. The first actual documented form of charity as we know it today was a fundraising drive organized by Harvard University. There are six different types of charities. There’s animal charities, environmental charities, International NGOs, health charities, educational charities, and arts and cultures charities! The one we’re focusing on today falls under the health charity category. Health charities can work in four different directions. Disease and Disorder, Medical Research, Patient and Family support, and Medical Services and Treatment, which is the one the Wigs For Kids falls under. Wigs For Kids isn’t the only hair donation charity, but others, for example Locks of Love, have a bad reputation for allegedly selling the donated hair.


Wigs for Kids was founded by Jeffrey Paul in 1983 when his niece, Laura, was diagnosed with leukemia. As stated earlier, the minimum length for hair is 12 inches. During an interview with Jenna Wood, the Development Director for Wigs for Kids, she explained the reasoning for that. “Twelve inches is the minimum length for donation because when it is made into the wig, the first three inches are sewn into the cap. So really, the length of the hair becomes 9 inches. Also, the length of the hair varies depending on where it’s growing from on the head. For example, hair on the top of someone’s head might be twelve inches but closer to their neck it might only be eight inches.” Jenna Wood explained.


Ms. Wood also had this to say when asked what it’s like working with Wigs for Kids; “I consider it a great honor to work with Wigs for Kids. Mr. Paul and his team are incredibly inspiring and passionate about the WFK vision and mission. It is so encouraging to hear from so many people across the the United States and world who want to support Wigs for Kids. I love the opportunity to talk with each donor.” Generally, more requests for wigs come from girls rather than boys. If you’re interested in how to make a wig like this for yourself, you can click here.
In conclusion, Wigs For Kids is a great charity that everyone that is able should consider donating to, whether that be a hair donation or a financial one.

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Be Responsible, Be Respectful, Be Extraordinary
Wigs For Kids Is The Next Great Charity