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What Defines Safety

Mariah De La Barra

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There have been a lot of events in the past 6 months that will make it in the history books. From mass shooting to mass bombings, the question remains, where are you safe?

Oconomowoc High School has made it on the local news quite a few times in the recent months. At first it was for underage drinking, then a successful football season, but recently it has taken a negative turn. In the past two months there has been two shooting threats at Oconomowoc High School. Luckily for the community these threats were stopped before they were executed.

With two school shooting threats, and mass bombing and shootings happening around the world there are a lot of different emotions flowing through the halls of the high school. Principal Dr. Joseph Moylan had a lot to say about what measures he has taken to make sure his students feel safe.

Moylan moved to Oconomowoc from Colorado, where his neighbor’s son was shot, yet survived columbine. Experiencing columbine first hand is something that Moylan carried with him during his move. “I was going to do everything I could to build a community where I knew the kids where the teachers knew the kids and where kids wouldn’t think about doing that sort of thing. It didn’t happen and I have to remember that it didn’t happen here and we are grateful and fortunate that it didn’t.” Moylan said.

As the shooting threats to the high school were very real, both Moylan and the teachers have taken extra measures to make sure the students are safe, and feel safe at school. Pictures have been posted at every entrance stating that there is surveillance on campus, all doors except for the main entrance are locked during school hours, letters have gone out to parents, and extra police officers have been patrolling campus throughout the day.

“What makes us safe or not safe on any given day is up to interpretation no matter where we are in society” Moylan said.

There is no place that can ever ben guaranteed safe. Although there are ways create a safer environment. Community makes us safe, knowing each other makes us safe, and building community is important. If everyone knows everyone, hopefully, no one will feel like they have to commit a horrible crime.

“We have to have a positive attitude, build community, be with one another, talk to one another, look out for one another” Moylan said.

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Be Responsible, Be Respectful, Be Extraordinary
What Defines Safety