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Does Technology Make Us More Alone?

Hannah Barker

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The advancement of technology can explain the isolation people have towards each other during face to face contact. Many can be socially active on the internet, but when it comes to conversing with a person in real life, people have trouble doing so. This restricts the youth from embodying the social skills that are necessary for their daily life as they grow into adulthood.

When being involved with friends, family, coworkers, etc, many people can find themselves on their phone more than interacting with each other. Technology easily distracts us from face to face conversation. With just the click of a button, we can get lost for hours on our phones, ipads, laptops, etc, watching funny Youtube videos, scrolling through Instagram pictures, watching Snapchat stories, updating our Facebook status, scrolling through our Twitter feed, watching season after season on Netflix…losing hours, days, months, years of our lives to social media. Putting this time towards social media rather than the relationships between us and our loved ones, relationships with people are not being fulfilled to their true potential. There is a ¨wall¨ put up between them, also known as technology, deteriorating the relationships with people.

Documenting the things we are doing on social media may be becoming more important than the thing we are actually doing, preventing us from living in the moment. It becomes an issue when you are having family dinner, eating in silence because more people are worried about what is on their phone rather than how each other’s day went. Smartphones are intruding our day to day life without us even being aware of it. Although access to the online world has changed our world of knowledge, can we really say that it is for the better? Can we say that it is better that the average american spends about 5 hours a day using technology…1,825 hours per year…143,627.5 hours in a lifetime. How can we prevent technology from taking over our lives? As a society we need to be focused on bigger issues, rather than caught up who’s dating who on Gossip Girl, who has more Instagram followers, or who got more retweets on Twitter.

Not that technology should be completely cut off, but we must reduce the amount of time we spend on social media and gain social skills. Gaining social skills will help the youth with future job interviews, making conversation with people, presenting in front of large groups, and overall speaking skills. These skills are vital for daily life and without technology restriction, face to face communication will cease to exist, relying completely on social media.

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Be Responsible, Be Respectful, Be Extraordinary
Does Technology Make Us More Alone?