Auto Shop at OHS

Thomas Ahlstrom , Writer

Brandon, a student at Oconomowoc High School, would rather go home and work on his truck than do homework.  If an auto shop class was offered at the high school he would take it in a heart beat.  Brandon, along with plenty...  Read More »

September 23, 2014 • 0 comments

Allergy Awareness

Allergy Awareness

Molly Noffke, Writer

A person who is exposed to something they are allergic to can be deadly and dangerous. OHS is one of the many schools who have changed their system to act upon students with allergies and change many rules surrounding food...  Read More »

September 23, 2014 • 0 comments

OHS Showcase

Sarah Roberts

Oconomowoc High School’s drama class puts on a student-driven talent show once every term. But is this “talent” show really full of talent? Student judges from the drama class sit down and watch as other fellow students...  Read More »

June 10, 2014 • 0 comments

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OHS Players Win Big

Chelsea Troyer

When the OHS Players fall production of “Hairspray” hit the stage opening night, with every seat in the OAC sold out, people’s expectations were high. The OAC continuing to sell out beyond opening night, needless to...  Read More »

May 23, 2014 • 0 comments

Welcome to the Jungle- Prom 2014

April 17, 2014

American Horror Story

March 14, 2014

Opposite Worlds: Behind the Scenes

March 14, 2014

The Following

March 4, 2014

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  • WIAA Crackdown

    Drugs, alcohol, hours of practice and illegal recruiting are just a few of the violations the WIAA is cracking down on teams all across Wisconsin due ...

  • Logan Wonn: Little Ten Player of the Year

    Oconomowoc High School’s varsity baseball team has been very successful so far this year. With a share of the Little Ten Conference Title, they also...

  • NBA Mock Draft

    The draft lottery is a stressful and exciting time for NBA team owners and General Manager’s. The Cleveland Cavaliers with a 1.7% chance of receivin...

  • Are the Brewers Playoff Material?

    The Milwaukee Brewers are a major league baseball team based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. They play in the NL Central and last year placed fourth out of f...

  • Schlundt becomes a Badger

    On May 13th, T.J Schlundt, former member of the Oconomowoc Boys Basketball team, committed to play for the Wisconsin Badgers as a preferred walk-on. ...

  • Obstacles to 3-peat

    With an intense first round of game sevens in the NBA playoffs, some question the chances of the back-to-back champions the Miami Heat on their quest ...

  • The Captain

    Derek Jeter is a MLB (Major League Baseball) player who has played with the New York Yankees for 20 years. He has won countless awards for his partici...

  • Girl’s Soccer: Hardwork and Dedication Keep Conference Title

    With the start of spring sports, the girls’ varsity soccer team is off to a great season. With tryouts 3 weeks ago in the month of March, the girls...

  • Defending Champs Seek Another Conference Title

    With the nice weather this past week, the Oconomowoc Boys Varsity Baseball were able to get a few games in. On April 10th, the team traveled to Waupun...

  • Underclassmen on Varisty Sports

    Spencer Treder and Anna Berghoefer have been affected greatly since joining a varsity sport. It took them not only hard work, dedication, and confiden...

  • Pursuing Rally Racing

    Rally racers put their lives in danger in between every twist and turn they make, having the risk of crashing or rolling over fans. “You alwa...

  • Formula-E

    In the constantly evolving world of hybrid technology in road cars, it is finally moving into motorsport. The FIA (Fédération Internationale de l'Au...

  • 2014 Blockbusters

    There’s no doubt that going to the movies will always be one of America's favorite pass times, but recent trailers and sneak peek video clips have a...

  • First Dates: How to Get a Second One

    In high school, finding a person you can have a relationship with might seem pretty important to some. Others might be too nervous, to the point where...

  • Princess Lacey

    Every once in a while, a guardian angel is sent from above to someone in need. In this case, Adreian Payne was Lacey Holsworth’s guardian angel. ...

  • Summerfest: Music, Food, and Fun

    As the hot summer sun rises on June 25th in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, fans of music, great food and a positive atmosphere prepare to attend one of the big...

  • Bringing Timeflies to Oconomowoc

    Early Monday morning, KISS-FM released a contest called KISS after KLASS. This contest consists of people sending in texts for their certain High Scho...

  • Minecraft, a Game for Learning?

    Minecraft. A simple, yet fun game that has become immensely popular over the last  five years, Is now being used in school. If you're like me, you p...

  • Are We Enslaved By Machinery?

    We spend more time on our phones than we do looking at our partner according to a study done by mobile phone provider O2. Some think the over use of t...

  • Tesla Company Coming into the Auto Industry

    Tesla Motor Company started in 2003 by engineer and businessman Elon Musk, is known worldwide for the Tesla Roadster, the first all-electric sports ca...