Swipe & Go Identity Theft

Swipe & Go Identity Theft

Ashley Herbst, Writer

  Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) scanning technology has advanced to a point where credit cards and other personal information can now be read from long distances by crooks. These radio frequency identification...  Read More »

October 17, 2014 • 0 comments

Oconomowoc Students Weigh the Benefits of Replacing Textbooks with Laptops

Ashley Herbst, Writer

...  Read More »

October 6, 2014 • 0 comments

School Start Times

Trevor Bach, Writer

6:00 in the morning, it’s dark and quiet, the only noise is students grumbling as they wake up for school. As soon as they get to school they complain to anyone who will listen about how tired they are.   Are...  Read More »

September 26, 2014 • 0 comments

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The Sounds of Studying

Lisa Martin

Studies have found that listening to music while doing school work isn’t effective, many teens know this fact,and continue to do it anyways. Studies show that a quiet environment is beneficial to learning but,many students...  Read More »

January 7, 2015 • 0 comments

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